Agricultural exports in August are estimated at $3.13 billion

The statistics showed that the quantity of main agricultural exports, main forest products, animal products, fishing products were $ 1.52 billion, $ 734 million, $ 46 million, $ 739 million respectively, which bring totally export value to 8 months. In the beginning of 2018 export quantity reached USD 25.7 billion, up to 7.3% over the same period in 2017.

In the first eight months of this year, the export value of main agricultural products was estimated at $13.3 billion, increase 2.5% over the same period of 2017.

The specific figures for major agricultural products:

Exports of major agricultural products such as rice, cashew nuts, fruits and vegetables, and rubber products have increased over the same period in 2017, namely: $ 2.2 billion of rice, an increase of 21.1 Cashew nut production was USD2.24 billion, up 0.6%, vegetable and fruit USD2.676 billion, up 14.1%.

Coffee, rubber and pepper increased in volume but decreased in value. Specifically, the coffee export volume is estimated at 1.32 million tons increased 15.5% but only 2.5 billion USD decreased 2.5%; rubber reached 870 thousand tons, up 8.2% but only reached $ 1.2 billion, down 11.8%; The value of pepper reached 173 thousand tons, up 3.2%, estimated value reached 576 million USD decreased 36%.

Tea decreased both volume and export value (export volume reached 81 thousand tons decreased 10%, value reached 133 million USD decreased 7.4%.

Challenges of Vietnam in exporting agricultural products

Vietnam government need to concentrate on improving the quality of agricultural products by following the process of Vietgap. But in fact, there are only 11% of corporation have Vietgap certificateand 7% of them have Vietgap Global.

There are 3 reasons why agricultural products of Vietnam still hardly acceptable in EU market and Japan. First, the agricultural corporations has difficulty in manufacturing with poor investment in high technology agricultural machinery. Also, the lack of information about market demand, import country’s quality requests leads to policies to deal with problems.

The second reason is from the import countries. They would increase their tariffs to protect their farmers that brings more expenses for export companies from Vietnam. Besides, even our products are cheap and fresh but consumers tend to choose high quality products in Europe, Japan and other developed countries. Finally, the government needs to consider the easier way for export companies to do paper work, avoiding from wasting time. On the other hand, the government should propose policy to support agricultural product export by decreasing taxes, logistics fees, etc.

Overall, Vietnam agricultural industry should consider to invest in high technology to change traditional way of production. By that, they will improve the quality, less manpower and control the origin of agricultural products.

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