Attractive start-up ideas in agriculture

Agriculture is an attractive beginning for start-up business because high-quality food is always a concern for everyone. Start-up ideas from agriculture that show clear progress and origin of agricultural products, unique products will create success beyond expectations. Based on research, there are three agricultural products that have potential to develop.

Develop agricultural start-ups with raising wild boar:

Wild pigs are the most common types of cattle currently cultivated in Vietnamese agriculture. Farmers often feed pigs in the wild, such as bran, vegetables, which help them reduce the cost of feed production compared to raising other pigs. In addition, wild pigs are highly adaptable to the environment, disease resistant, and grow faster than normal pigs. Wild pig meat is very popular in Vietnam's food market because the meat is richer than ordinary pork, especially wild boar meat is not foul.

Vietnam has great potential in the development of agriculture in cattle breeding because our country has a source of recycled food from bagasse, maize residue from the MSG, confectionery and sugar industry. This form of consumption for agriculture is also easy when the restaurant - hospitality industry’s development that has increased high demand for raw materials.

In particular, wild boars are now the only agricultural commodity to invest in farms outside the city. The price of wild boar for wildlife (from now on average 120.000 VND / kg), but the consumption in large markets and many places demand wild boar / wild pigs are not enough.

Therefore, raising wild pigs by agricultural methods will create a large source of income for start-ups while investing not much.

Feed production for agriculture:

Vietnamese agriculture has developed strongly in raising cattle and poultry, especially shrimp, seafood. In many cooperative areas, built-up livestock areas have led to increased demand for feed. Getting rich from agriculture by building a high quality feed chain can be considered as a potential idea.

In addition, in early 2019, our country will begin to open to many importing countries into the domestic market. Investing in a quality agricultural product will help Vietnam's agriculture sector initially have a stronger footing in the market. Therefore, animal feed will be paid much attention in terms of quality in the future.

You can take the initiative to open the factory and distribute it to large livestock and small livestock farms in your area or neighboring areas. Depending on the needs of the feed and the type of animal you can choose the right production model (you can also conduct research before the breeding activities in your area).

Open a small farm based on agriculture process:

Tourists visit a strawberry garden growing by agricultural process

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At present, many places in Vietnam have developed new forms of tourism: ecotourism. Entrepreneurs can build their own small farm such as shrimp ponds, orchards for visitors to harvest and enjoy themselves.

If you have heard about Nhat Tan garden at Hong River (Hanoi); Da Lat strawberry garden with services to relax, rest, eat fresh fruit in the garden, buy clean vegetables, fruit in the garden, this investment is the development of that model. The development of this model of agriculture is relatively easy in Vietnam thanks to its climatic, environmental and soil conditions. In addition, entrepreneurs can harvest agricultural products after the time of travel and sell to the market, so it is very small losses when investing in this agricultural model.

In order to do well on this agricultural platform, you need to choose a location near an intersection, where many people visit or near major tourist sites to make their way through. Especially, the environment surroundings need to be green and natural.

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