Ba Ria – Vung Tau is making efforts to develop high-tech agriculture


Using agricultural machinery in the agriculture sector – Source:

Using agricultural machinery in the agriculture sector – Source:

Utilizing innovative technology, especially using agricultural machinery plays an important role in increasing the value of agricultural products. Ba Ria – Vung Tau, one of the southern provinces, is making efforts in order to develop agriculture applying high tech technology for growing high-quality products.

Using agricultural machinery for cultivation improvements

Reported from Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, there are about 33 organizations and individuals in the province investing in high-tech agriculture. They are applying modern technology with using agricultural machinery to improve cultivation on 1,047ha, harvesting nearly 23,600 tonnes of vegetables, melon, grape fruit, banana and pomelo on a yearly basis.

Moreover, about 87 farms with modern equipment have been present in the province to raise pigs and poultries, and they made up 38 per cent of the poultry and over 53 per cent of the pigs raised in the province. In addition, 15 aquaculture production facilities are also utilizing advanced technology, the province commented.

Vung Tau goes towards green agriculture

The presence of many agricultural products without details of origin available in the market makes demand for information about safe agricultural products become huge. The province also said that consumers lack information about safe agricultural products, while producers using high-quality agricultural machinery to produce lack information about the market.

In order to deal with these challenges, the province regularly organizes promotion campaigns to introduce organic and high-tech agricultural products to local consumers.

One of the most effective campaigns is a TV programme called “Green Agriculture-Clean Products” jointly produced by Ba Ria – Vung Tau Radio and Television, the Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Trade and Industry, and Health.

Beside advertising organic and safe agricultural products as well as local specialties, audiences are told about high-tech agricultural projects, review about places, stores selling organic agricultural products and models successfully utilizing innovative technologies.

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18 November 2018