Effectiveness of technology application on agricultural development in Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa

Application of new technology in vegetable production brings high agricultural value in Hoang Hoa
Image courtesy in Baothanhhoa.vn

Hoang Hoa district is striving to implement the application of science and technology in agricultural production for many years to improve the production process and increase agricultural value through increasing productivity and quality of agricultural products. So far, the district has been successfully targeting poverty reduction and sustainable agricultural development.

The leaders of the province and district have introduced policies and programs to encourage people to change the traditional agricultural structure in the direction of commodity development and income stabilization, support the dissemination of faculty applications, and popularize technology into agricultural production and new rural construction. Particularly, the district shall take initiative in coordinating with functional branches to widely apply scientific and technical advances in breeds, fertilizers and intensive farming and husbandry. From the application of science and technology, the district has built many production linkages bring high economic efficiency, creating a new breakthrough in the development of production, such as German potatoes production linkage model, with an area of 300-350 hectares / year; chili exports from 70-80 hectares per year.

In addition to the application of scientific and technological advances in the field of seeds, fertilizers and intensive farming techniques, in recent years, Hoang Hoa district has paid special attention to the agricultural sustainable development, environmental protection and development towards biosafety. Accordingly, a series of models in the cultivation, breeding in the direction of VietGAP has been implemented in the district. For example, the model of raising livestock and poultry on bio-padding. The model has contributed to the restoration of small-scale farming, increasing income for people, limit environmental pollution. In addition, the models of safe vegetable cultivation in Hoang Giang Commune, Hoang Hop Commune, Hoang Kim Commune also contribute to agricultural development. According to statistics, up to now, the district has 58.15 hectares of production of safe vegetables, safe vegetables in the direction of VietGAP, of which 36.500 m2 of greenhouse technology. Aquaculture continued to apply scientific and technical measures to intensive shrimp farming with 19- 20 tons / hectare. The models of fish farming and crab farming also bring about significant economic benefits for people. In particular, the application of mechanization in agricultural production in the district has contributed actively to change the structure of agricultural and rural labor.

According to the assessment of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Hoang Hoa district, the effectiveness of the application of scientific and technical progress in production has been confirmed. Most of the models of agricultural production applying scientific and technological advances in the district area are promoting their effectiveness, being able to replicate, contributing to the change of the structure of plants and animals and the formation of regions, livestock production, focusing on a commodity-oriented agriculture.

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Source: baothanhhoa.vn