High efficiency of agricultural production restructuring

The development due to agricultural restructuring policy

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Vinh Thuan and Kien Giang provinces have a high proportion of people in the agricultural sector because of favorable weather, climate and environment for agricultural production. Provincial officials have set policies aimed at increasing productivity, increasing the quality of agricultural products, and securing livelihoods for the poor and protecting the environment.

The achievements of the two provinces in the first six months of the year are detailed, initially satisfying the basic requirements of the agricultural restructuring policy.

District agricultural sector has focused on promoting agricultural restructuring to 2020 with a vision to 2030. Harvesting 17,820 ha of winter-spring rice and rice on shrimp farming land, reaching 100% of sowing area; Volume of 95,038 tons, reached 70.9%, up 3.8%. Up to now, the summer-autumn rice crop has fallen to 5.916 / 6.000 ha, reaching 98.6%, rice is in the period of more than 30 days old, grow and develop well. The area of cultivation is 297 ha, so far harvested, the productivity is about 19 tons / ha.

Cultivation and harvesting was 10,759 tons, gaining 38.8%, increasing by 19.05%; valued at 945 billion 990 million, reached 40.67%, up 18.28% S. The area of shrimp farming was 25,656 hectares, gaining 100%, increasing by 8.3%; yield reached 7,930 tons, reaching 58.78%, up 28.5%.

In the last 6 months of 2018, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) continues to implement the plan to restructure the district's agricultural sector by 2020 with a vision to 2030. Enhance the solutions to guide people for summer-autumn rice crop, the quantity reached the output of 39,000 tons or more; to breed 5,860 ha of spring paddy rice and 13,000 ha of paddy so the shrimp farming land is planned. The provincial leaders suggested policies to promote aquaculture development; care and harvesting of shrimp farming area, intercropping of high value fishery species in association with enhancing the quality control of shrimp seed; striving to produce more than 17,000 tons; of which shrimp output is 5,560 tons; focus on animal husbandry and disease prevention, slaughter control, cattle and poultry trading; complete the paperwork and proceed to invest in centralized slaughterhouses.

Continuing to improve the quality of cooperative activities, people in Vinh Thuan and Kien Giang provinces should implement well the capital support, knowledge to improve the level and management capacity of the cooperation associated with linking agricultural products, vehicles and equipment, the Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention and Control and the district search and rescue, to ensure timely response when there is a bad situation occurring to agricultural products in the rainy season.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Provincial Center for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation will actively inspect the investment, expansion and upgrading of water plants in the area. The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment shall strengthen the state management of natural resources and environment and carry out the steps to prepare the district's incinerators. To inspect the implementation of commitments on environmental protection for production and business establishments.

In summary, the plan of agricultural restructuring has had certain development steps, while ensuring the quality and quantity of agricultural products can also closely control the behavior of environmental damage of some individuals. , ensuring the health of the people.

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Source: moitruong.net.vn