The role of Data in a high-tech and sustainable agriculture development

André Laperrière, Executive Director of GODAN shared about the role of data in hi-tech agriculture

André Laperrière, Executive Director of Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition (GODAN) has shared about the role of data in smart, hi-tech agriculture and sustainable development.

The goal of advocating open data

André Laperrière mentioned that the goal of advocating open data is a global knowledge sharing system (using data as its main conduit) to maximise efficiency and quality of food systems, especially in Asia and in Africa. “We want to combine the best of key stakesholders in the agriculture/nutrition data ecosystems – Governments, research institutions, private companies large and small, or farmers’ organisations, etc. – to combine their data and diverse expertise in order to create and stimulate innovations.”, he said.

For instance, farmers can tap into big data resources to identify and eliminate pests or other infestations harming their crops by using mobile phones. The application of agricultural technologies help to meet the world’s rising nutrition challenge and propel the agriculture sector to a higher level of efficiency.

Innovation in agriculture with open data

Three types of innovations that Vietnam should seek in agriculture include sharing and bringing in the country research data already available across the globe and working with Vietnamese researchers; working together to assess techniques, knowledge and practices used in other parts of the global agriculture; using the combination of data/knowledge from sectors.

André Laperrière also stated that data can play a vital role in helping us monitor the situation of the resources and the issue of climate change. Working to combine satellite data with drone data and in situ data can allow to get the best picture of a site, to identify infestations, gauge biomass, crop forecasting, crop surveys fast and efficiently.

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Source: VietnamNews